Rapino mentioned several different scenarios, including indoor concerts without fans that would be streamed online. Outdoor concerts could be staged with some fans but where “there’s enough room to be safe.”Rapino also said Live Nation is going to roll out drive-in concerts similar to what have already been staged in Germany and Denmark.

At least temporarily, higher-profile artists who are accustomed to playing stadiums or arenas may instead play theaters or clubs charging higher-priced tickets, Rapino added.

“Whether it’s in Arkansas or [another] state that is safe, secure and politically fine to proceed in, we’re going to dabble in fan-less concerts with broadcasts and reduced-capacity shows, because we can make the math work,” Rapino explained.


“We think in the fall, if there are no second hotspots, you’ll see markets around the world [reopening]… And then our goal is really to be on sale in the third and fourth quarters for 2021 at full scale.”